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logo pdb (formerly is one of the best on-page SEO tool, highly recommended by (see review). Free for 1 account (forever)!!!
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Like Woorank, can perform on-page SEO website analyses for you. It is quite easy to get to know the tool, as you can register a free account without payment details, allowing you to use most available features for one single website. However, once having scanned a site you can simply remove it, and run another audit for a new website ;)

Lipperhey offers a really nice tool for on-page SEO purposes, checking pretty much all relevant topics, plus some off-site SEO stuff as well, like online popularity (links and social media). If you are serious about SEO, you can also sign up for the PRO version of Lipperhey. This allows monitoring the SEO performance for 50 projects, with full functionality, plus further features like tracking keyword rankings (2500), white-labelled reports and more. Especially rank-tracking over time is always nice to impress your customers ;). You can also enter one or more competitors, so you can see how they do compared to you, and maybe learn from them.

After signing up and entering the URL for your project, the site needs a few minutes to crawl your site. After this, a dasboard is shown with the overall score, divided in 3 sections:

lipperhey on-page SEO website analysis

The tool does quite a good job of checking the on-page SEO parameters, divided in a Technical and SEO content chapter, while also looking at Popularity (links, likes, social media, etc.). Backlink checking does not seem 100%, but for on-page SEO analysis, Lipperhey does a really nice job, and this is what the tool is made for. What is especially nice is the clean interface, with clever navigation, allowing you to drill down to all individual pages.

Technical Website Analysis

The scan first performs a technical analysis resulting in a list of items both good and bad, with a shortcut to all issues found. Some of these may be a bit superfluous, like the use of frames, but information like finding dead links is really valuable. Most of the information is pretty much spot on:


SEO Content

The main issues will usually be under SEO content. This is stuff related to page titles, metadata, canonical URLs, etc. You see a list of all URLs, with any possible issues listed. The list of URL's starts withg the homepage, then the ones that are available with one navigation click, then the ones that need 2 clicks, etc.:


Drilling down on any error marked in red brings you to the error encountered. Some stuff is a bit superfluous now, like marking missing Meta keywords as errors, but for the rest Lipperhey does a pretty thorough check on on page SEO issues, for the whole website:


Next to these features, the tool also allows you to fetch data about your visitors by adding a javascript snippet. Also a competitor analysis is offered.

Lipperhey sign up and coupon code

Lipperhey offers a really nice tool to perform on-page SEO analyses. Of course this can never replace a manual audit, but for less experienced users, or SEO experts who want to automate part of their work, this could be a very nice tool. As I said, you can try it out for free. A full account allows for 50 projects (sites) to be optimized, for $99,- a month.

You can register here, and if you use coupon code joomlaseo you get 50% off for the first month.

With coupon code joomlaseo you get 50% off for the first month here!

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