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 Jbetolo is an extension that is comparable to JCH-optimize. This becomes immediately obvious when you open up the plugin:


Especially the CSS, JavaScript and Exclude/Delete options sound very familiar, and indeed they offer comparable functionality. Where JCH-Optimize also offers some additional options like defering and asynchronous loading, checking in-line Javascript and CSS, etc, there are also some options where Jbetolo wins. Some interesting features are:

  • Lazy loading of images
  • CDN support, without the need for an additional plugin (MaxCDN and AMazon Cloudfront)

Also under the Tools tab, some nice features are added, which can be launched on request:

  • Updating your .htaccess file for the code for browser cache support.
  • And very nice: you can provide your images folder to the plugin so that it sends the files to Smush.it and receives back the optimized images. If you have not earlier optimized your images, this could be the moment to do so after all.

Both Jbetolo and JCH-Optimize are extremely useful plugins, though I would advise not to use them together. It depends on your current set-up which one would be best suited. For inexperienced users JCH-Optimize seems a bit easier to start with.

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